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Transmog in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Have you ever wanted to change the way you look in Odyssey without changing your current stats? Well now you can! Ubisoft have stepped up their game with the latest update to hit Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with the introduction of the ability to apply a transmog to your items. Any appearance you come across within ancient Greece will be available to use on any level item you wish to alter the appearance of. Better yet, this is a retroactive change, meaning every outfit you’ve came across already will be available to transmog from day one of the patch.

The only downside to this amazing feature is the inability to use appearances between weapon types. For example, using a the appearance of a sword on a spear. Although this would be pretty sweet, it would ruin the immersion of the game. Have you ever seen someone with a dagger that can reach as far as a spear?

This feature is set to release in patch 1.0.7 coming November 15th.

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