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Darwin Project Patch 1.17

The latest Darwin Project patch introduces a plethora of new mechanics, cosmetics and bug fixes which will be detailed further on. To begin, the Show Director has been spiced up with 2 new modes to better the game experience. The Show Director Unleashed game-mode will allow the Show Director to cause havoc upon inmates. Earning AP 10x faster and having access to every single one of the Show Director powers with no limits on the amount of times they can be used. Want to nuke every single zone at the same time? Go for it! In addition to this, the previously removed Invincibility power has been reintroduced for this specific game mode, allowing the director to be a great puppeteer on the battlefield.

Alongside this game-mode, a Scavenger mode has also been introduced. This special game-mode will guarantee a different experience every time. You start the game with an empty crafting wheel and upon opening a chest you will unlock a random item which you can then craft. As players wont know what items they are going to have at the start of a game they are forced to try out some new and interesting play styles.

The last of the new modes comes a great one. The Playground allows players to test out their abilities and equipment in a small little arena. This arena consists of small areas dedicated to different game tasks, such as trapping, harvesting and firing. There are currently two zones that are a work-in-progress which look like they may be small areas where you are able to fight AI.

The Show Director has also received a new update when it comes to public games, this is the sound board. This sound board consists of a range of theatrical sounds that the Director can cast over anybody in the lobby. Some of these effects are “Nice Shot”, “Boooo!”, “Gasp” & “Laughs”. This is a neat little change that will give the game more of a game show vibe than it currently does.

To add to the spectator experience, instead of voting for the crowd favourite every game, players are now able to bet Darwin Dollars on who they think is going to win the game. The betting system is all handled through Twitch. Whilst watching Darwin Project streamers on Twitch you will slowly accumulate Darwin Dollars and you will gain double if you are following the broadcaster. Currently the only use for Darwin Dollars is to show off your position on a nice little leaderboard.
The director's soundboard

Darwin Project are always on point when it comes to cosmetics in the game and with this update there are over 80 new cosmetic items being introduced. With so many cosmetics there are many different outfit combinations that you can create. Don’t forget to share your designs in the Darwin Project Discord server as there is a channel dedicated for outfits that users have created.

For my dear friend Philipeace, R.I.P Gliders 20/11/18


The full patch notes can be accessed here


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