Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy

The age of platforming games was revived when the N-Sane Trilogy for Crash Bandicoot was released. The trilogy brings the three original games and remasters them in HD, bringing them to the latest consoles – allowing the next generation to enjoy the classics.

As with many games back in the day, there were issues, and these issues also got translated into the remastered version of the game such as having a fixed camera, limiting your abilities and making jumps and depth perception all that much harder. Besides these flaws, the game runs smoothly and looks great, with texture support for 4K gameplay users can make the most out of the XBOX One X, the PS4 Pro and the PC to deliver a high quality game.

Road to Nowhere – Crash Bandicoot 1

Although many levels often are clones of previous levels there is always a new element to them – albeit a new enemy, a slightly different route and a secret bonus level. These levels will test you to your limits and will often have you making several attempts at the level before you can even come close to completing them, bringing loads of hours of dedication to be able to relieve yourself from all that stress and anger of constantly failing. Although levels may look easy, the user can easily be deceived, as is the case with the infamous level “Road to Nowhere” from the original Crash Bandicoot game.

On a final note, the game will test you, make you rage, and you’ll still want to play more. With bonus content to keep coming back for, you’ll never have too much of Crash Bandicoot!


  • Remastered Classic
  • Replayability
  • Nostalgic


  • Fixed Camera
  • Frustrating


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