Darwin Project

The Darwin Project is a game which adds a new aspect to the Battle Royale genre. 10 players battle to the death in an arena that gradually gets smaller over time, bringing you closer to your enemies. As you venture around the arena there are 2 essential resources that you must acquire to assist your victory, wood and leather. These resources will be used to craft items such as an upgraded level of boots, that will grant you the upper hand against your opponents.

What separates this game from the saturated genre is its take on improving the fun-factor of the genre by adding special powers and a game caster. The special powers drop in specific locations on the map and will require the player to put down their defences to collect and craft the power of their choice. A selection of these powers consist of the user being able to teleport, go invisible and an ability to place an auto-turret, these are not the only electronic powers available and more are being added in every other update.

The show director adds a unique twist to the game, allowing one player to show-cast the lobby and use special abilities to aid or hurt the players in the arena. Different play-styles can be adopted by the director as they have the ability to close zones, nuke areas and heal players, meaning each and every game will differ from the last – games will always be fun!

Watch the trailer here!


  • Special Abilities
  • Unique


  • Small Player Base
  • No Game Marketing



  1. Pog

  2. PogChamp buddy a lot of Washed players like TREATFLY but still poggers

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