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Dauntless is a free to play monster hunter game which puts the player in a small island where they must hunt and defeat a boss-like behemoth with special abilities. As you complete quests to kill specific monsters, you can level up your hero and your gear to aid your next battles. With each new creature you come up against comes a new armour set and weapon set which have their own unique touches, whether it be an elemental effect or specific statistical advantages.

Every island that you explore has its very own set of creatures that can appear, these range from ferocious owls (Shrikes) to large stegosaurus based beasts. Each of these behemoths have their very own move set, which can require the player to learn and master before they can conquer. Despite their being many islands and quests for exploration, the creatures that the player hunt are very similar at times and many are complete copy/pastes of other beasts, just with minor elemental differences.

Combine your powers with up to three other friends to combat these monsters and you can all play a different play style as multiple weapons are available. Swords, Axes, Chain-Blades, Maces, Spears and Pistols are all available to use, each requiring a different skill-set. Axes are harder to wield but will grant more damage, whereas pistols are easier to use, can be used at a distance but damage output will be substantially lower.

To conclude, Dauntless is enjoyable for the first hour or two of gameplay, however, the game becomes very repetitive and boring as you advance to later levels and the abundance of different player classes means there is not much variation a player can have and will get tired of the same gameplay.



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