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Ring of Elysium is a newly released battle royale game that is going to directly compete with PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLE GROUNDS. Featuring a similar style, however, running more smoothly than PUBG and more importantly – free to play. As with all free to play games, Ring of Elysium contains micro transactions but unlike other free to play games the only form of micro transaction currently available is the adventurer pass which acts similarly to the battle pass of Fortnite.

Ring of Elysium allows you to create a character that you will be able to play as and specific characters can be unlocked by levelling through the adventurers pass. The base character creation screen does not go into much detail and the only aspect of your character that you have any control over are your facial features, you are not able to change the colour of your hair, body build, and have a very small selection of skin colours to choose from. Similarly, you are not able to fully customise the characters unlocked through the adventurers pass and instead further down the adventure pass levels different outfits can be unlocked – further limiting the detail that you can control over your character.

There is a major drawback with the graphical settings of Ring of Elysium where the graphical setting for textures will also determine the render distance – unlike other competitive games RoE does not always keep the characters rendered which means that those with better performing hardware have a slight advantage over those on lower budgeted machines. Although many will argue that seeing players at a distance is not that important as you are not going to shoot at or even hit players at such distances but you are still at an advantage as you can tell where players are and determine if you’re going to run into players in the region ahead of you. Alongside this, the frame rate of the game is very inconsistent and the games feels very choppy – even on higher end systems. This is an issue which needs to be worked on as it really sets a limit on what the game can achieve.

Besides the graphics of the game, the gameplay itself runs smoothly with hits being registered as opposed to other games which could see shots hitting enemies but nothing being registered on the server side. However, unlike other battle royal games such as PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLE GROUNDS and Fortnite the lobby sizes are rather small. With a limit of 60 players per game it often takes some time before you come across other players. Putting more wait on getting to play another game. Although this reduced player limit may be the reason the servers run smoothly, it could still do with a server upgrade as well as a player increase to properly compete with other games in the genre.

The way in which games are won is much different to that of other games as players will complete for 4 seats in a helicopter which means that a total of 4 players can win a game, this differs in game modes such as duos and squads as only 2 and 1 team(s) can win respectively. Although there are 4 players that can potentially win the game the last 4 players will still camp around the helicopter to kill anyone making their way to the helicopter to try and make sure they are the only winner. This bad sportsmanship leads to some players being frustrated as all remaining players have the opportunity to win the game but not all will.

In conclusion, Ring of Elysium is an upcoming competitor in the battle royale genre and offers great opportunity for players wanting a new experience with these games. Whilst currently working on improving the physics in the game I believe that Ring of Elysium will be above Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds in due time.


  • Different Mechanics
  • New Ways to Traverse Land


  • Not Smooth
  • Small Lobbies


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