The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a popular dungeon crawler game that advanced from it’s predecessor The Binding of Issac. It takes on several dungeon floors where the user will eventually kill several parts of his mother (Mom’s Heart and Mom’s Foot). Beyond his mother, Isaac can choose to go down one of two paths either the Cathedral or Sheol to which different styles of gameplay can be encountered, if the player was able to reach Mom’s Heart before a certain time frame additional routes can be taken by the means of taking on an even stronger boss The Hush which will challenge the player to a new level.

A whole range of items can be gathered along your path to help you grow stronger and make your attacks pack-a-punch towards the enemies of the dungeon. You can acquire these items in several ways: Each floor contains an Item room which can be unlocked with 1 key (Besides the first floor which is free to enter), End-of-floor Boss fights will reward an item and finally item shops. In addition to great items, many of them have several synergies with other items causing them to be very powerful and unique. One very powerful combination is Brimstone and TechX in which Isaac will shoot powerful rings of terror. Upon completing challenges on your endeavour additional items will be unlocked and able to be found within the walls making every run completely unique to another resulting in hours of endless fun.

Binding of Isaac - Brimstone x Tech X

Binding of Isaac – Brimstone x Tech X

The creators of The Binding of Isaac have provided several DLC, both paid and free which add a whole lot to the base game. Each DLC package adds so much content that it could be a completely new game, from new enemy types to new bosses and items. Currently there are 2 paid DLC packages which consist of Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ with a 3rd and final DLC package Repentance in the works to be released early 2019. Several free DLC in the form of ‘Booster Packs’ add small amounts of community made mods to the base game, allowing users to get their content into a game. If content was not able to make it into a booster pack The Binding of Isaac allows creators to upload their creations to the Steam Workshop in order for other users to download their modifications to the game – meaning that there will never be an absence of new content for the game for people to enjoy.

Overall, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a fun, easy to learn – hard to master title with a great community of players and creators who add to this games greatness including great content creators such as Northernlion


  • Replay-ability
  • Action Packed
  • Time Killer


  • Repetitive
  • Lack of Co-Op


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