Ty The Tasmanian Tiger

Explore the tale of a Tasmanian Tiger who is trying to save his family by making his way through various levels, exploring the Australian Outback. Starting your adventures in the main hub, Rainbow Cliffs, completing levels will unlock new boomerangs which take on special abilities and allowing you to advance to the next zone. Each zone to Ty the Tasmanian Tiger will feature 3 main levels varying in themes, each having 10 tasks to complete which in turn will grant you Thunder Eggs. Upon getting 17 Thunder Eggs in a zone a boss level will unlock and Ty will have to fight one of Boss Cass’ creatures.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was originally released in 2002 on the PS2, XBOX and GameCube but in 2016 the game was remastered and released on PC.This version of the game brought the platforming genre back and a sense of nostalgia back to many. With HD graphics and new shader mechanics, the game looks and feels better than ever.

The remastered version of the game adds progressive achievements, allowing the user to follow their progress through the game and show it off to other users. Alongside these achievements, a few new features were introduced, adding quality of life improvements and a new difficulty to the game. This new difficulty features a hardcore mode, which will test you to your fullest, upon death your game save will be deleted and you will have to start all over again. A quality of life improvement which was added into the game was a feature from the second game in the series which lets the user choose which boomerang they have equipped by presenting a circle where the user can easily select any of the unlocked rangs, this offered a faster way to switch between rangs.

The game is available to purchase on Steam.


  • Platformer
  • Remaster


  • Camera


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