We Were Here

We Were Here is a free to play co-op puzzle game in which two players will work together solving puzzles in order to free themselves from an abandoned castle. Each player will find themselves trapped away in separate parts of this castle with their only tool being a walkie-talkie that they carried with themselves during their exploration.

As the players are separated they each have their own roles – the Explorer and the Librarian. The two roles go hand in hand with one another as the Librarian will aid the Explorer through numerous puzzles and eventually to the escape. As each player is located in different areas, they must communicate through the use of their walkie-talkies and describe what they see as clearly as they possibly can to avoid confusion; for example, there are many symbols that have a similar resemblance with other symbols in the game. This creates a more challenging environment as most puzzles will require precise details from the Librarian otherwise the Explorer could face fatal consequences.

With the third game of the We Were Here trilogy being released early 2019, We Were Here is a well built free puzzle game that is rated Very-Positive on Steam. Although We Were Here is a free game, the follow up games ‘We Were Here Too‘ (Humble) and ‘We Were Here Together‘ will cost you, but they are well worth the buck. Also, don’t forget to download and play the original We Were Here game from Steam.


  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Unique Experience
  • A Lot of Fun


  • No Replay Value
  • A Few Bugs


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